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design laboratory office llc is  lead by multiple designers from architecture design, landscape design, furniture design and the visual arts. This company integrates the demands of cutting edge contemporary design, advanced digital technology and its integration with the physical world through representation the integration in the field of motion arts and fabrication. The result is the achievement of advanced spatial concepts with hyper-realistic media with highly sophisticated subtle aesthetics. This powerful combination is able to transform the perception of reality by introducing a layering of imperceptible sophisticated visual codes that achieve the transmittal of effects, ideas, concepts, visual and psychological stimulation.

design laboratory office llc combines a team of more than 20 professionals in the design field from architects to graphic designers, media designers, publicists and visual communicators that achieve high level motion graphics within an competitive budget. The firm develops architecture design, interiors, virtual environments, graphic design, renderings, animations, short movies (with script and actors) and other visual media.